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PhD-trained clinical educators that understand how fundamentals of motor control, neuroscience, and biomechanics apply to rehab and performance. 


Connecting the science with the art of personalized program design considering individual and lifestyle factors.

Adaptable frameworks

Adaptable systems are more robust. Understand how to adapt within a structured framework for programming rehab and performance interventions.


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Create more effective programming with modern, objective measures and methods that enhance motor learning and plasticity!

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What clinicians are saying about us...

"The Athlete Brain was a great course that will truly change the way I treat in the clinic, not just concussions but all musculoskeletal injuries. I highly recommend this course to anyone who works with active individuals! Having it online also made it very convenient and cuts down on travel expenses. "
Certified athletic therapist
"This course helped to fill in so many gaps in my approach concussion care. It gave me the knowledge and freedom to be more creative with my treatment strategies. It allowed me to get away from cookie cutter methods of treatment and really think about what my clients need to move, feel and live better. I would highly recommend this course to clinicians with previous concussion training who are looking to expand their concussion management skill set."
Registered Physiotherapist
"The Athlete Brain course was a fantastic learning experience. It is more than knowledge and protocols, you learn about how to integrate your own experience and clinical intuition to build an operating system that is both fluid and specific, so that you are able to create new solutions to target the problems you encounter."
Certified Athletic Therapist
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