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Levelling-up clinical education.

We provide evidence-informed education courses taught by passionate, PhD-trained instructors who truly care about changing the game in rehab and performance!

Katie Mitchell

"I didn't want another certification the didn't hold any weight. So, I started a PhD. Now, I'm sharing the knowledge I've gained with colleagues and professionals to help solve clinical questions, improve objectivity in practice, and promote confidence!"
Lead Clinical Instructor, CNS-Ed,
Founder, Thrive NeuroSport Rehab + Performance

PhD Candidate, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)

Our Vision

Connecting neuroscience with sports medicine to reframe rehabilitation and performance of concussion & orthopaedic injuries.
A modern approach to accessible online learning:
  • All courses include evidence-informed content translated into practical application. We've done all of the work for you!
  • We provide the tools for you to start applying concepts in the course immediately with your patients/clients.
  • Additional resources and support are available. 
  • Network with like-minded professionals in a secure community platform!

What clinicians have to say about the Athlete Brain :

“The Athletes Brain course was a fantastic learning experience. It is more than knowledge and protocols, you learn about how to integrate your own experience and clinical intuition to build an operating system that is both fluid and specific, so that you are able to create new solutions to target the problems you encounter.”

- Certified Athletic Therapist

Our partnerships

This platform was built upon a community of partners that have supported our growth and collaborative with us to provide exceptional courses.

Frequently asked questions

I've already taken concussion certifications, what makes this course different?

The Athlete Brain Rehab course builds upon the foundation current protocols with a unique top-down approach to neuromuscular control that is emerging in the literature. The content connects the fundamentals of neuroscience with sports medicine that is not often included in a basic concussion course. Our goal is to make you feel confident in your skills from the initial assessment to return-to-sport and -activity.

If I'm not a clinician, is there a course option for me?

Absolutely! The Athlete Brain Foundations in Motor Control course will be launching Summer 2021. This course is geared towards strength coaches, wellness professionals, team coaches and athletes to level-up performance in activity, sport, and life.

Clinicians who do not wish to cover the heavier vestibular-ocular motor and autonomic content may also take this course!

Can I arrange a small group to do a private Athlete Brain Rehab course within my private clinic, university/college, or sports organization?

Yes! We'd be happy to arrange live sessions for small groups of at least five (5) clinician learners/students. Please contact us to inquire about availability for booking a course.

*This is also an option for international learners in different time zones.

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Athlete Brain courses will be launching Summer 2021!
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